November Featured Courses

This month we take a look at disinfection techniques and alternative systems.

Course 2011.2Lo-Dose UV (Part 2 of 4)
Course Pack 2011Ultraviolet – Common Sense Disinfection Technology for the 21st Century

Course Pack 2011 investigates the latest UV disinfection techniques and applications for potable and wastewater. Operators can explore the advantages of UV systems compared to chemical disinfection systems like Chlorine or Ozone. Examine what UV is, how it differs from other typical disinfection systems, and the advantages and disadvantages. Review appropriate applications in community and non-potable water and wastewater. If there is an alternative to chlorine, learn why UV may be choice for installation, operation, and maintenance.


In 2011.2, Lo-Dose UV, students will discover why the latest research data suggests lo-dose UV may be very effective in controlling Giardia and Crytosporidium in potable water.

Course 2014.3What Works Best (Part 3 of 4)
Course Pack 2014Comparing Alternative Disinfection Systems

Course Pack 2014 addresses the pros and cons of chlorine (gas, powder, liquid) compared and contrasted against alternatives like Chloramines, Chlorine Dioxide, Ozone, UV, Mixed Oxidants, Ultra-filtration, and other disinfectants and how they may help in meeting requirements for the Disinfection By-products, and upcoming Groundwater Rules. This course pack presents a program of relevant visuals and lively discussion.

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 10.15.34 AM.png

In Course 2014.3, What Works Best, students will explore all the various disinfection chemicals and methods available to operators and how they may apply to water and wastewater operations.

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The Top 5 FAQs For W &WW Online Continuing Education

What are the requirements for a water and/or wastewater online course to be as compliant as a live course?

There are four basic requirements that make a course compliant with state standards.

  1. Attendance– a user must be present for the entire course.
  2. Engagement – a user must be engaged throughout the course.
  3. Time fulfillment – courses must meet a time requirement. For example, an hour of credit time is defined by the state as 50 minutes. So a user must take 50 minutes of courses to complete one credit hour.
  4. State-approved topic – course content must be a topic from “subject matter” state lists defined by each state.

How do I know if online courses are state-approved?

This is one of the most important pieces of information you should consider when looking at an online C.E. program. You must receive a certificate of completion for every course you take. Each state has its own policy and guidelines for continuing education courses so you may or may not need to submit your certificates to your state regulatory agency. Our program keeps an online record of your transcripts and certificates, easily accessible through your account and available for download, to print at anytime you wish.

You will also want to be sure the courses you take comply with state “topic-approved” lists, as defined by each state. Please refer to your state website for details. Helpful NOTE: a common reason courses may not be approved is if they do not comply with the standards of approved “subject matter” as previously mentioned. Our “certified” courses are COMPLIANT in all states and we offer curricula for ALL states. We are PRE-APPROVED in most states. States provide us with pre-approval verification codes, which can be found on our certificates of completion to make it easier for course submittal. Curious where to find this information?  Simply look at the footer of your certificate of completion.


Aren’t there courses online that I can take to earn 2 credit hours in about 30 minutes?

NO, this is not compliant. If you take a course that you can “fast forward” through, or simply walk away from while the video is playing and return when it is over, you have not met the required standard for state compliance. You can rest easy that our program meets the regulations of state standards. Our courses are formatted to require consistent engagement; we include fun questions, games, and interactive slide content.

Water Otter course format: Each 2-hour course pack consists of four instructional courses – one full course pack = 2 credit hours. You can easily take a course in 20-30 minutes. Our courses are self-paced so you can complete them whenever it is convenient for you. You may start, stop, and resume when you are ready. Each course pack meets the three requirements to make a course compliant.

What are the benefits of an online program?

Most online continuing education programs are attractive to learners because they offer accessibility and convenience. One of the many advantages of our program is that you can take our courses ANYWHERE & ANYTIME. We even have courses available to take on tablets and mobile devices. You can access our program 24/7. We also have friendly customer and tech support that will answer any questions you have and troubleshoot technical issues with ease and a personable attitude.

Additional Water Otter Program Benefits:

  • Industry-unique “Earn as you learn” Rewards feature – We reward our learners with coins for every course they take and extra for frequent participation and usage of our program’s many features. You can redeem these coins for free Water Otter rewards.
  • Self-guided, self-paced courses.
  • Program features that accommodate different learning styles.
  • Significantly reduced costs – Zero travel or expensive conference/trade show fees or staff replacement for absent employees.
  • Relaxed environment – You can take our courses from the comforts of your own home or anywhere you like.
  • Digital filing cabinet – Keep all your records of transcripts and certificates in one place for easy access and peace of mind.
  • Peer-to-peer sharing and discussion forum – Network and discuss the latest industry topics. Share expertise and ask questions with other professionals in our community discussion forum.

Do I need to buy additional course materials?

NO. Part of our commitment to presenting a complete online continual education experience is the promise that our program has no hidden fees, including additional reference materials, which can be costly. Instead, we provide all course materials within each course pack to assist the learner with the information needed to understand and successfully complete each course. We also have an extensive, searchable resource library with additional reference materials that you can use for exam prep, job hunting, and daily operations.


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