October Featured Courses

This month we take a look at basic math calculations and the three most common tests run in water and wastewater systems.

Course 1001.1 – Calculations Into Operations (Part 1 of 4)
Course Pack 1001 – Operational Math

Our first featured course is part of a progressive math series that focuses on basic calculations at a scale up from an introductory level. It is intended for water and wastewater operators at every class level. The participant is provided workbooks that include an extremely useful index of 168 formulas, illustrated with flow charts and conversion charts, and organized by math problem subject matter. The Index of Formulas provides participants with a tool enabling them to “zero in “ on the proper formula to use when solving equations related to water and wastewater operations.


Course 1001.1 provides the participant with knowledge and instruction in regard to selecting the correct formula (from those provided in the workbook) for operational calculations.

Course 1026.4 – Operations and Reporting (Part 4 of 4)
Course Pack 1026 – The Three Stooges of Water & Wastewater

Course Pack 1026 explores the three most common tests run in water and wastewater systems. Through visuals and lively discussion, this course gives the operator the opportunity to get the most out of their testing skills. Employing pH, Chlorine, and DO testing apparatus is a five-step process: election, use, care, verification, and maintenance. Learn numerous helpful hints to achieve solid, verifiable, accurate, and viable test results for operations and reporting purposes.

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 10.57.25 AM.png

In Course 1026.4 we go over what to look for in common meter technology. Discover calibration hints, care and maintenance tips, DO meter guidelines, troubleshooting tips, and learn more about about luminescent technology.

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