September Featured Courses:

Our first post in a monthly series that highlights a variety of Water Otter courses. This month we take a look at microscope features and process management:

Course 1018.1 – Microscope Features and Benefits (Part 1 of 4)
Course Pack 1018 – Simple Microscope Applications

This one of a kind workshop was written to help wastewater operators obtain better process control through microscopic examination of mixed liquors and other waste streams. We begin with the basics by defining the selection process and features and benefits, and then compare and contrast features, since better features usually translate to better results (but not always).

Other lectures in this sequence explore cost factors, sampling and slide preparation, maintenance, staining techniques, and sample examination. The course pack concludes with organism class identification and how the presence, absence, mobility, and number of various classes of organisms translate to wastewater process control. Through graphics, visuals, and lecture, even the most advanced operator will find this program skill enhancing. NOTE: this program is not a bug identification class.


Course 1028.3 – Avoiding Violations
Course Pack 1028 – Ten Little Known Secrets for Process Management

Find out how refining process tests for disinfection residuals, solids core-taking, and jar testing can help to avoid violations. Explore simplified nutrient monitoring methods for process control.

Other lectures in this sequence explore techniques one can use to achieve better process operations in treatment, distribution, or collection. This superb verbal presentation and outstanding visuals help you learn why temperature measurements may be your most important measurement, why simple hypochlorite strength measurements are important, why portable ORP & Alkalinity testing can yield big wastewater monitoring dividends, and how refining process tests for disinfection residuals, solid core-taking, and jar testing can avoid violations. Learn why potable water corrosion management isn’t just water chemistry, explore simplified nutrient monitoring methods for process control, and see what two key inexpensive tools are missing from most treatment plant tool boxes.


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